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Km. 107 Tijuana-Ensenada Highway
Ensenada Baja California, México

Rafael Felipe Nevarez López
Applied Physics Building
Departament of Computer Science
Advanced Computing Laboratory - Room 324
Phone (646)175-0500 Ext. 25415
E-mail: rnevarez@cicese.mx

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General Info

My name is Rafael Nevarez, and I am master's degree student in Computer Science at CICESE research center. I began my studies here on September 2004 and now I am in the third term of my program, but I'm also working in my thesis. I obtained my bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering at Tecnológico de Baja California in Mexicali city, México.

My research interests are those that have a relationship with Computer Vision, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. I call my thesis research as "Active Contours for Motion Tracking with Mobile Robots using Stereo Vision". An Active Contour or "Snake", as it is popularly called, were proposed by Kass et al., 1988. A Snake is a dynamically evolving curve, which in its effort to minimize its energy, gets attracted toward the objects edges. The aim of this project is to implement Active Contour Models to track moving objects in a video sequence. In order to achieve this we are using 2 web cams mount on a mobile robot (Pionner 2AT of the ActivMedia Company) to make the experiments. We expect to improve the snake model using stereo vision to make the segmentation more accurate and robust, and also try to develop a 3D snake in real-time motion tracking.

This work is part of the EvoVision group heading by Dr. Gustavo Olague Caballero. If you wish to contact me for any matter please do so to the following e-mail address: rnevarez@cicese.mx


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