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Dep. of Computer Science, CICESE Research Center

P.O. Box 434944

San Diego, CA. 92143-4944 USA

e-mail: trujillo@cicese.mx

telephone: +52 (6) 1 75.05.00 x 25402

fax: +52 (6) 1 75.05.93


General Info

Hello, my name is Leonardo Trujillo and I am a Ph.D student at the CICESE Research Center working within the Computer Science Department of the Applied Physics Division. I obtained my Bachelors's degree (Honors) in Electronics Engineering and a Master's degree in Computer Science from the Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana, Mexico.

General Research Interests:

  • Soft Computing (Evolutionary Computation, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic)
  • Computer Vision
  • Mobile Robotics

PhD Research:

  • A Hybrid Evolutionary Approach to Mobile Robotics..........

Masters Thesis:

        Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana, "Planeación de Trayectorias para Robots Autonomos por medio de Algoritmos Genéticos"


  • Trujillo, L., Olague. G. Synthesis of Interest Point Detectors Through Genetic Programming. to appear
    Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference. July 8-12, 2006. Seattle, WA, USA.. GECCO 2006.
  • Trujillo, L., Olague, G., Hammoud, R., and Hernández, B. Automatic Feature Localization in Thermal Images for Facial Expression Recognition. to appear 2nd. Joint IEEE International Workshop on Object Tracking and Classification in and Beyond the Visible Spectrum. OTCBVS 2005. In Conjuction with CVPR 2005.
  • O. Castillo, L. Trujillo, Autonomous Mobile Robot Path Planning Optimization Using Multiple Objective Genetic Algorithms. IC-AI 2004: 71-76
  • O. Castillo, L. Trujillo and P. Melin, Multiple Objective Genetic Algorithms for Autonomous Mobile Robot Path Planning Optimization. 6th International FLINS Conference 2004: 444 - 449



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