.: Projects :.


  • Gustavo Olague has been awarded a new project with the support of CONACyT 2012-2014

    ``Evolución de Cerebros Artificiales en Visión por Computadora”.

  • Intelligent Robots for the Exploration of Dynamic Environments/Robots Inteligentes para la Exploración de Ambientes Dinámicos.
    Funded research by UC MEXUS-CONACyT Collaborative Grants, 2005-2006. This work is possible with the collaboration of Prof. Bir Bhanu
    director of the Center for Research in Intelligent Systems, UC Riverside. The goal of this project is to study visual exploration from an evolutionary and
    bio-inspired point of view, with the aim of creating a collaborative initiative between CRIS and EvoVisión Laboratory.

  • Gustavo Olague has been awarded a new project under the "LAFMI, laboratorio Franco-Mexicano de Informática",
    research programme entitled "Planning and Control of Robotics Tasks for Complex Object Reconstruction and Recognition".
    The aim of this project is to study visual planning from an evolutionary point of view and to scope a programme of research
    aimed at addressing the problems of reconstruction and recognition. The work will be carried out in collaboration with
    Professor Marc Schoenauer of the INRIA Rocquencourt.

    LAFMI 2003-2004. International project between EvoVisión and Fractales Groups.

  • Development of Evolutionary Algorithms and Methodologies Applied to the Construction of a Robotics Photogrammetric System

    CONACyT (35267-A) 2001-2002.

  • Study of Evolutionary Computation Methodologies Applied to the Development of a Close-Range Photogrammetric System.

    CONACyT (I30101-A) 1999-2000.

  • Evolutionary Computation and Computer Vision

    CICESE internal project. 2000-2002


:. Equipment .:

1 Staübli Robot (6 dof)

1 ActivMedia Mobile Robot

1 High-accurate Calibration Grid


2 Pulnix Cameras





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